February 1, 2017

At the Coalface Episode 52: Why & How You MUST Do Live Streaming in 2017

Live Streaming started to take off in 2016. For 2017 expect it to be where your audience spends a lot of its time consuming content. Live is raw and authentic. It doesn't require post production and for those capable of it, it sets your content apart from the highly polished content being spread across social media.

In short - live content stands out better among all the social media noise. The upshot is the major platforms favour this content in terms of organic reach too. Win-win!

In this episode we discuss the major live streaming platforms and how you can leverage them to build your brand and audience.


1:45 - THE year of Live Streaming
2:55 - Twitter/Periscope
6:10 - YouTube Live
7:40 - 3rd Party YouTube Live Apps
9:00 - Benefits of Live Streaming
9:55 - Instagram Live
13:40 - Facebook Live
16:45 - 'Fake' Live Streams via Facebook API
18:55 - Live Streaming and Copyrighted Content Grey Area
20:30 - Live Streaming and Reach


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